Hi I’m Daniel from Sunny Toowoomba Queensland Australia,

First thanks again for landing here to check out my page. I am super passionate about Three Main Pillars: Dog Nutrition, Dog Fitness &Scent Work.

I’ll be honest. I have personally struggled with my health and wellness for many years, I was stressed and felt I couldn’t find the time for myself or my dog.  I started to notice a familiar sequence overweight unhealth dogs where popping up everywhere and I wanted to do something about it. 

After some time away from taking clients and some self refection, and of getting my own Sh*t together, I decided that a change of focus was needed away from basic dog training, e.g. Sit, Down & Stay, That's when Dogs & Deadlifts was born.

However I don’t work with anyone and everyone. The truth is there are lots of people who are offering empty promises, or a secret pill solution that simply doesn’t work, if that’s what your after, I am sorry, I am an advocate for Balanced Dog Training Methodology, Unconventional Canine Fitness and “less is more” customized programs.
"I help passionate dog lovers around the world to build a better dog and create a powerful bond that will last a lifetime through Nutrition, Fitness and Scent Work."

Sometimes personalities just don’t click. That’s the honest truth.
I am happy to provide for you if you’re motivated and willing to learn new skills, and I am happy to work with any breed.

Like many people in today’s society, my time is valuable and I want to invest it in the right people. I respect my time and yours…so let’s not waste it.

Whilst we are based in Toowoomba, we do often travel to around Australia and around the world including my Build A Better Dog Blueprint online academy is available world wide.

I focus on both ends of the leash, not just dog training! I want to ensure you and your dog have lasting success and that starts with educating you first.. 

Looking forward to talking soon!



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Some of my Experiences Include:

2007: I completed Cert III in Dog behaviour & Training (2157VIC) in Melbourne and completed over 150 practical hours to gain my qualification, with the elective VBN813- Train
Dogs for Basic Substance Detection.

2008: I was employed by Detector Dogs Australia to Assist with Port Security. 

2009: Attend a 5 day program with Corrections Department for selection of K9 Handler

2011: Assisted in Hosting and attended- USA based Trainer Randy Hare in Brisbane Australia for a number of workshops/lectures including public and also closed government only.

2016: Owner/ Head Trainer in
Townsville of a Training and Daycare and Grooming Facility

2017: Completed online- Training through pictures Nosework with Dave Kroyer

2019: Completed The Elite K9 Athlete Fitness Coaches Certification- Dr Erica Boling USA

2000-2022: Host of Dogs & Deadlifts Podcast 

What People Say About Me! 

To Whom It May Concern:
I have worked professionally as a trainer of handler and canine teams for more than 25
year’s, the majority of which, has been in federal government focused on the specialty of
canine scent detection across multiple disciplines.
I am writing to recommend the highly talented Daniel Rose who I have worked and
consulted with on multiple secondments, projects and training exercises over the duration
of my working life. Daniel Rose is always presented as professional and highly
knowledgeable with a wealth of operational, technical and training experience.
Daniels’ understanding of behaviour, principles of conditioning and cognitive learning are
and have been fundamental to his successes in the development of both the canine and
handler collaboration. Daniels personabilty, extensive knowledgebase and keen eye would
make him an invaluable member to your team of judges.
I highly recommend Daniel for any position or undertaking that he chooses to pursue.

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Mr. Daniel Rose 

Mr Rose’s dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to canine training, health and fitness are to be
commended and will greatly benefit any kind of work that he does as canine professional.
I am a retired Associate Professor of Rutgers University in the United States and owner /
founder of Northeast K9 Conditioning, LLC. Mr. Rose is a student in my Elite K9 Athlete
program and is working towards becoming a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist (CCAS). He is
currently on track to graduate at the end of September.
When Mr. Rose graduates from the Elite K9 Athlete program, which is specifically focused on
the needs of the sport and working dog, he will have successfully demonstrated his knowledge
and expertise in the following areas: canine conditioning program design, canine conditioning
assessment, course development, canine teaching expertise and instructional design.
Individuals successfully completing the certification program have demonstrated their ability to
design conditioning programs for the canine athlete. They also have the knowledge and skills
that are needed to educate others in the areas of canine fitness and injury prevention.
Mr. Rose has already greatly impressed me in the program by his ability to directly apply what
he’s learning. He’s one of our most motivated students when it comes to putting into practice
the very things that he’s learning. In addition, his tremendous enthusiasm and dedication for
canine fitness are evident in all that he does.
It is truly an honor to have such a dedicated individual in the program, and I give Mr. Rose my
highest recommendation as he seeks a position with your agency as a K9 handler.

Best regards,

Erica C. Boling, PhD

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