Dog Nutrition 

It's all starts with Dog Nutrition and Gut Health. Looking for good science in support of better dog nutrition and health.

Dog Fitness 

Dog Fitness aims to assist all dogs to reach a peak level of fitness enabling them to enjoy life and to avoid common injuries


Scent Work/ Mantrailing   

 Benefits for the dog include physical activity, mental stimulation and confidence building. For both the dog and the handler, Scent work is a great way to bring their relationship to the next level

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Do you want to tap into you and your dog's FULL potential?

Get cutting-edge tips, tricks and strategies to help you maximize your dog's longevity and build a power bond via education on Dog Nutrition, Dog Fitness and Scent Work/ Mantrailing, Help to break through plateaus and achieve your desired outcomes.

Dogs & Deadlift's community is on a mission to educate dog owners around 3 IMPORTANT key elements: 
Dog Nutrition
Dog Fitness
Scent Work/ Mantrailing 

We absolutely CAN achieve your personal goals with your dog and enjoy it together.

I believe you can do it! 

Daniel Rose 


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Building Better Dogs!

First and foremost I want to tell you how cool it is that you’re looking to become or have already chosen to have a Happier & Healthier relationship with your dog.
Even more important I’m super grateful you’ve decided to land on this page and consider working more closely with me as a coach & mentor for you and your dog. I don’t take that lightly.

Dogs have played a HUGE part of in my life for as long as I can remember, and 14 years ago I made the decision to become a dog trainer and it all really started from that moment.

Fast forward and in 2017, I was burnt out, I had owned a Doggy Daycare, Training centre & Grooming salon for 5 years and it had taken its toll on me, not to mentioned the Sh*t that goes on within the Dog Training community (mainly around training methods etc).

 So in 2017 i said F U and sold everything dog related and changed my focus.


 Life had other plans, and here we are!

I have re-ignited my passion via Dogs & Deadlift's combating dog obesity, reduce anxiety and igniting performance dogs via DOG NUTRITION, DOG FITNESS  & SCENT WORK/ MANTRAILING  

This program is designed to improve your knowledge and learn new training methods, for both the companion dog and existing canine athlete.

I strongly encourage you to stay consistent and stay patient, progress slowly and your dedication will shine through. Do not rush it.
I want you to feel comfortable here whilst you learn how to train, exercise and condition your dog safety. 

We are a Community of Dogs Lovers, Just like you! 

P.S Remember, spend time with your dog, drink the BEST coffee and don't forget to pick up your dog sh*t

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Ally H

Having always wanting to get into scent work for quite some time, it was great to be able to find someone like Daniel at Dogs & Deadlifts Detection Dog School who trains in an easy going positive manner. He takes your dogs' individual needs into account and helps you work on getting the basics and foundation at their own pace. If you're curious about scent work, no matter what breed or temperament you have, I highly recommend giving it a go with Daniel. 

Carol A 

I  am the owner of an aggressive, overprotective blue cattle dog named Lucy. As I live on a farm, she was not socialised as a puppy resulting in aggression and anxiety issues when I had visitors. I was referred to Daniel to manage this behaviour. After our first lesson it was clear that we were on the right path to correcting this behaviour. Daniel is extremely knowledgeable with all areas of dog training and in my case he has given me the tools and confidence to manage Lucy's behavioural issues. He explained the importance of good nutrition and a balanced diet and how a poor diet can impact significantly with behavioural issues. After only four lessons I am enjoying spending time with Lucy in public. I am no longer anxious if strange dogs or people walk past us as I have full control over her and she is more relaxed and is enjoying her life.  

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